Bring R!R2 Studio Value To Your Table



R1R2 Sustainability Philosophy and Green Design

Sometimes there is confusion about what sustainability is and what it can offer a project. The principals of R1R2 Studio have over ten years experience in sustainability with over 1,000,000 square feet of LEED certified project experience. Often our involvement in sustainability includes educating our peers and our client partners on the need for sustainability and its benefits. R1R2 sees sustainability as another component to functional design that offers clients better performing buildings that operate at lower cost, and provide healthy, productive interiors for their associates and families.

Good for the environment, good for the bottom line.


R1R2 Studio believes that each project is its own character and style. We strive to create environments that are responsive to your identity and your purpose. We offer expertise in a broad spectrum of project types and look forward to being an active partner in the creation or renovation of your space.


The principals and staff of R1R2 Studio are hands on and take every project to heart. We are attentive and cultivate a whole team approach. We seek out value opportunities in the creation of your environment.


We come to the table with ideas and innovation. We take the complicated and create simplicity. There are no 'problems', only 'challenges'. Bring it on. It's all about creating a space that reflects your image and giving you the best value for your investment.